BICYCLE NEPTUNE’S GRAVEYARD Playing Cards. Bury yourself in the darkness of this cemetery

The collaboration between Will Roya ( the designer Artur Rajch is already historic. After producing more than a dozen decks, among which the series dedicated to critters stands out, they have just released a completely different creation: BICYCLE NEPTUNE’S GRAVEYARD.

This is a more personal work, which was actually conceived by Charlie, Will’s daughter. The artist abandons his traditional designs with his already standard configuration of the court cards to offer us much more elaborate and completely customized illustrations, inspired by the legend of buried treasures, shipwrecks and stories of mysterious disappearances in the ocean, in which the skeletons, dressed in their sailor and pirate clothes, come to life.



This deck stands out for the attention to detail that has been put into the illustrations. Each card is unique and highly detailed, from pirate skulls to sunken ships and sea creatures. The monochrome style and comic book aesthetic make each card a little treasure in itself.



A beautiful but disturbing mermaid decorates the jokers.



The deck preserves the playability with numbered cards and classic indexes, but also customized on beige backgrounds to give an aged look.



Two editions of the deck are offered, Ship and Siren, with the same faces and different backs and tuck cases.



In addition to the standard editions, a limited run of gilded editions will be produced.

The USPCC will print 2,500 units of these decks with their classic stock, traditional cut and Bicycle branded.

If you want to enjoy this underwater world of the afterlife, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!