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04 August

DREAM v2 Playing Cards. The geometry between the real and the imaginary

Bicycle Dream was one of the most popular releases by Card Experiment. Inspired by the world of dreams and the relationship between the real and the imaginary, the second edition is here: DREAM v2.     If the first edition was full of details and designs made with visual labyrinths, this second edition offers a much simpler and minimalist look that keeps its essence with a more basic color combination in red, blue and white that emphasizes its geometry and…

04 May

EXPLORERS Playing Cards. Space adventures by Card Experiment

  After their first success in crowdfunding with the Realms decks, Card Experiment has retaken their first KS project, which was canceled to make some changes and improvements, and just released the new EXPLORERS Playing Cards. These new cards keeps the original inspiration in science fiction and space exploration, as well as amazing comic style illustrations, although it they have been revamped in colors and tuck cases. A simpler color scheme, with deep and dark background creates an interesting and mysterious…

18 January

BICYCLE EXPLORERS. The next and inminent launch by Card Experiment

Details, elegance, fantasy and good illustrations. These are the common elements of the decks made by Card Experiment. They have always produced their own decks but they try for the first time a crowdfunding experience with a new and amazing deck: BICYCLE EXPLORERS.     Inspired by science fiction and space exploration, the deck features amazing comic style illustrations that mix neon colors with deep and dark background creating an interesting and mysterious atmosphere.     There will be three editions of…

28 November

New Bicycle Dream Playing Cards by Card Experiment. Fantastic Limited Time Discount

  Card Experiment’s releases always leaves good impressions to us. Their last decks have been the result of narrow collaborations with talented artists. This time they release a new deck: Bicycle Dream. The deck has been designed by the versatile Thai artist Chatchanok Wongvachara. The artist inspiration comes from the dreams and that weird and thin line between the real and the imaginary. When having a look to this deck, Escher‘s impossible artworks comes to your mind automatically… those infinite ladders…

03 August

New Anicca deck by Card Experiment. DISCOUNT for readers

  The second collaboration of Card Experiment and Simon Prades (designer of Babel deck), has given us a new and stimulant deck: Anicca. This deck has a poetic inspiration based on the life cycle, each of its parts, birth, growth, decay and demise as individual things and as part of a whole at the same time. There will be two versions of the deck. The unbranded Silver Edition and the Bicycle Metallic Blue edition. Both will be printed by the USPCC on Premium…

02 March

Babel and Asura new editions. Black power from Card Experiment. Discount for readers

  The black color is one of the most acclaimed by card fans and our friends from Card Experiment have decided to release two of their creations in black: Asura and Babel. This is the third color edition for Bicycle Asura, already published in red and metallic blue, and the second edition for Babel. As the previous versions, these will be printed by the USPCC on Premium Aristocrat stock with Magic Finish in a 2,500 decks edition each. Other features:…

04 October

New Utopia deck by Card Experiment. Pre-order with a special discount

  Card Experiment releases their last deck: Utopia. Utopia has been designed by the Thai Tarin Yuangtrakul (Tab), a talented artist, illustrator, and graphic designer Utopia is, in fact, a metaphor about the self-knowledge and the identity with a twist of surrealism. This nice and completely customized deck has these features: Printed on Premium Aristocrat® stock with Magic Finish for exceptional handling Custom designed backs, aces, jokers, court cards & pips printed using metallic inks Printed by The US Playing…

18 March

New metallic blue Bicycle Asura deck. Redesigned and amazing

  Card Experiment releases the second Bicycle Asura deck with an amazing metallic blue finish. Pre-orders accepted from next March 20 at Card Experiment website.     Inspired by Asura the Demigod from Chinese and Hindu Mythology. The design exploits the Asura Domain of the Desire Realm which is the origin of the war between the Gods and the Asuras.     Main features: Printed on Premium Aristocrat® stock with Magic Finish provides exceptional handling New tuckcase design New thin…

12 February

Received the new BABEL deck by Card Experiment

Some time ago, I talked about the new Babel deck by Card Experiment. I have received the deck and it is simply stunning. Let me remind you its main features: Printed on Premium Aristocrat® stock with Magic Finish Custom Backs, Jokers, Aces, Court Cards, Pips and Index Metallic ink on tuck case One Double Backer 3,500 decks will be printed You can buy the deck at Card Experiment website. Enjoy the deck design in the photo gallery.  

05 December

New Babel deck by Card Experiment

  My friends from Card Experiment, creators of Bicycle Asura deck, are going to release their new creation: Babel deck.     Inspired by the story of the Tower of Babel, the Babel deck exploits the intricate interplay between geometrical figures to symbolize the struggle between the different social classes, a struggle that is characterized by conflicting collective goals.     Produced & Developed by Card Experiment, designed by the German artist and illustrator Simon Prades, will be printed by US…