DREAM v2 Playing Cards. The geometry between the real and the imaginary

Bicycle Dream was one of the most popular releases by Card Experiment. Inspired by the world of dreams and the relationship between the real and the imaginary, the second edition is here: DREAM v2.



If the first edition was full of details and designs made with visual labyrinths, this second edition offers a much simpler and minimalist look that keeps its essence with a more basic color combination in red, blue and white that emphasizes its geometry and will delight magicians and cardists.



The simplicity in the strokes does not detract from the strength of the custom designs that also preserve the traditional scheme in court cards and, therefore, the playability of the deck.



Printed by the USPCC with high-quality Bee paper, this deck will undoubtedly be a lasting success.

This is a short campaign of less than 3 weeks so, if you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!