Egypt Mythology Playing Cards. The mystery of ancient gods in your hands

Everyone is captivated by the rich and mystical history of ancient Egypt, a civilization full of mysteries and magic. From powerful pharaohs to gods of chaos and wisdom, Egypt has fascinated generations with its myths and legends. Now, you can explore this distant era through a deck of cards inspired by its culture and mythology: EGYPT MYTHOLOGY.

For five months, the team at F.C. Designs has worked tirelessly to create a deck that not only illustrates the most important Egyptian gods but also respects their traditional appearance. Unlike other decks inspired by Egypt, Egypt Mythology stands out for its attention to detail and authenticity, moving away from more modern cinematic versions.



The court cards are the heart of this deck, representing Egyptian gods according to their symbolism and character. Each suit groups the gods into specific dynasties of the royal family (hearts), death (clubs), wisdom and magic (diamonds), and chaos and war (spades).



The aces feature sacred symbols from Egyptian culture such as the scarab beetle or the sphinx.



The numbered cards maintain a traditional design but with a golden metallic edge that makes them stand out.



The jokers include iconic representations like the Great Sphinx.



The back design is a work of art with Nefertiti, the most famous pharaoh of ancient Egypt, at the center. Surrounding her are a profusion of Egyptian symbols, textures, and engravings that capture the mystery and allure of that golden era.



Egypt Mythology is offered in two different editions. The Standard Edition, with cards featuring a traditional design and a frame on the faces with gold foil stamping. The tuck case, with embossing and metallic printing, is available in four different color combinations: white, red, black, and dark gray.



The Black Edition features cards with a black background, full-figure designs, and details in gold metallic ink. The tuck cases, with embossing and metallic printing, are available in two colors: green and gray.




Additionally, as funding goals, among other things, the decks will have metallic edges and there will also be a very special deck, in a limited run of 100 units, with a golden tuck case that incorporates a golden resin sculpture and fluorescent effects on the card indices and holographic elements on the back.



The production of Egypt Mythology will be carried out by EPCC, known for its high manufacturing standards, using quality materials and precise printing and embossing techniques.

Additionally, the campaign offers various extras such as a guide to the gods, featuring different representations of the court cards, a fold-out book showcasing the card designs in large format, and wallpapers for electronic devices.