17 November

Fanangled deck is back. Pure design, less price


A few weeks ago I talked about an interesting deck with a very special design full of angles. Its creator, Stewart West, didin’t get the funding goal but he hasn’t given up and has now re-launched the campaign of the Fanangled deck.

This time, the production costs have been reduced by using Bicycle stock instead of Bee stock so prices have been lowered. In addition, some add-ons have been removed to simplify the campaign. Furthermore, some small changes on the design have been made to improve the overall look (smaller margins, heavier numbers, …).

The truth is that the project is very close to be funded. By the way! When you raise your pledge, don’t forget to email Stewart saying you’ve read this article. I am thrilled to appear in the “Thank you card” of the deck 🙂

You can visit the project page for more information and raise your pledge.

Good Luck!




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