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07 March

ARISTO STEAMPUNK Playing Cards . A mechanical and retro-futuristic deck

The fusion between the retro aesthetic of the Victorian era and science fiction technology based on steam energy resulted in the literary genre of steampunk that has served as inspiration for many playing card designs. Today I bring you a new deck full of fantasy inspired by this movement: ARISTO STEAMPUNK. The first thing that stands out the observation of these cards is the careful setting and the detailed illustrations that decorate it. Taking as a reference the machinery and…

01 July

LLOD’S CARNIVAL Playing Cards. The steampunk and the alien power show

Terry Doll is an imaginative creator dedicated to science fiction writing and game design. In his first foray into playing cards design he offers us a fantastic world that mixes ancestral cultures with the technology of alien civilizations: LLOD’S CARNIVAL. The story behind this interesting deck is played by strange characters dressed in steampunk style and armed with a powerful but unstable technology whose abuse is toxic and lethal. As a complement to the story, the symbolism plays a very…

08 June

DIABOLIQUE ENGINES Playing Cards. Two artists together with common gears

Two artists have teamed in a project to make their own interpretation of the same theme: DIABOLIQUE ENGINES.     Steven Fields and Greg Brown (Two Geeks Gaming) have made on playing cards their own interpretation of clockwork with gears and pulleys. Steven’s deck is called “GLOW” and has a geometric structure design. Despite its monochromatic schema, it uses a different color on each suit. Although the inks used won’t glow, the design itself pretends to glow in a dark background…

05 October

Bicycle Steampunk Beginnings Playing Cards. Future heroes and villains with steampunk inspiration

  Nathanael Mortensen has created several projects where the fantasy art has been the protagonist. After Kingdoms of a New World, a deck quite awaited by his backers, he launched his new deck of cards: Steampunk Beginnings. The deck depicts in the court cards heroes and villains with illustrated using a mix of sci-fi and steampunk inspiration. It will be Bicycle branded and printed by USPCC. The project offers just a deck of card, no tuck case or color back…

11 March

Steampunk Cthulhu Resurrection Playing Cards. The reborn of an old monster

  I have to admit Nat Iwata is one of my favorite playing cards creators. He has been involved in awesome projects and awesome decks. After launching his first deck, Bicycle Steampunk Cthulhu, he had successful projects, but he always wanted to make some improvements on the design of his very first deck. So, he launched this new campaign: Steampunk Cthulhu Resurrection. Although the general artwork remains the same, Nat has included some improvements such as thin borders, a new…

06 March

Steampunk Playing Cards. Engraved pips and gears from two designers in love

  You perhaps remember Nathanael Mortensen, the man behing the Kingdoms of a New World deck, a set of playing cards with an awesome story. After succesfully funded it (and his previous Dragon’s Hoard card game) he begins a new venture: Steampunk Playing Cards. Steampunk culture has been depicted in many decks along last months. In this case, it is a engraved style designs about steampunk characters made by Natanael and his sweetheart Valya Boutenko. The artwork is quite interesting and has…

20 December

Bicycle Steampunk Goggles deck. Playing Cards to get a close-up view is an amazing website where you can buy fantastic goggles inspired on the Steampunk movement. The website is managed by Dennis Consorte, who runs a small marketing agency. The steampunk projects they do are their testing ground for new marketing techniques they try before offering them to their clients.     Dennis wanted to build “the most amazing, hand-illustrated deck of steampunk playing cards the world has ever“, so he launched the Bicycle Steampunk Goggles deck. Each suit has…

18 October

Bicycle Steampunk Pirates: three decks and five days left

  A few days ago I published an interview with Nat Iwata because of the launch of his latest deck : Bicycle Steampunk Pirates. The campaign, as predicted, has been a success and with just 7 days left to the end, it has already achieved almost twice its original funding goal. Throughout the campaign, Nat has offered not just a deck, but three, and several cool add-ons. The three decks are actually the same cards, but two of them are…

18 September

Bicycle Tinker deck and Rusty decks. Worn and new at the same time

  Taylor Eshelman is Tesh, and he is the creator of a new Steampunk inspired set of playing cards: Bicycle Tinker Deck. The Tinker Deck is a tribute to the Industrial Revolution and some of the key people in history who made it work. It’s a relic of a time long past, a time that still has profound effects in our lives today. It was born out of a love for history and old machinery, and the effects that time have…

12 September

The story behind Nat Iwata’s work and his new deck: Steampunk Pirates

  Nat Iwata is a talented designer of playing cards. He begun in Kickstarter with a cool Steampunk Alphabet book, and he decided to enter in the playing cards design business with his Bicycle Steampunk Cthulhu project. After that success, he created the Bicycle Elves and Orcs deck and now he is going to release a new deck: Bicycle Steampunk Pirates. I talked to him about the story behind him and his work and this is what he told to…