LLOD’S CARNIVAL Playing Cards. The steampunk and the alien power show

Terry Doll is an imaginative creator dedicated to science fiction writing and game design. In his first foray into playing cards design he offers us a fantastic world that mixes ancestral cultures with the technology of alien civilizations: LLOD’S CARNIVAL.

The story behind this interesting deck is played by strange characters dressed in steampunk style and armed with a powerful but unstable technology whose abuse is toxic and lethal. As a complement to the story, the symbolism plays a very important role in the designs, extracted mainly from the ancient Egyptian culture and religion.

On this basis, these playing cards have been completely customized with asymmetric court cards that show the characters before and after being contaminated by this technology. That duality is also present in the designs of the rest of the faces where the aces and even the numbered cards show this asymmetry.




A new back keeps the coherence with the rest of the designs showing an impressive winged horse steampunk machine and the famous attraction of Llod’s Carnival: the flying pig airship. The design preserves the asymmetry of the faces with the toxic transformation.



The tuck case is an explosion of colorful animation with the beautiful Cassandra in the front and a representation of the circus carnival in the back.



The jokers form a diptych that shows the master of ceremonies, the famous Yrret Llod (a curious name… something related to the creator’s name? ;) ), before and after his transformation.



It is undoubtedly a unique and original deck, illustrated with details and an elaborate comic style in which the protagonists show their own personality. In addition, the creator will offer a backer to become one of the carnival members in one of the extra cards.



The deck will be printed by the USPCC in a limited print run of 1000 units.

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Good luck!