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17 April

LUMINOSITY Playing Cards. Norse mythology and an epic story of the struggle between good and evil

Nordic mythology and artistic talent come together in the latest creation of  Jody Eklund (Black Ink Playing Cards): LUMINOSITY. With this deck, Jody completely changes his usual retro-engraved style based on more recent stories to create an allegorical fantasy world inspired by Nordic mythological characters who play their roles in an epic story of struggles between good and evil masterfully narrated by Ricky Cassford. The joining together of fantastic literature and beautiful illustrations produces a unique, completely customized deck, in which…

12 August

AESIR FOIL TUCK Playing cards. Viking mythology in the most luxurious tuck cases

Since Doug Frye launched the very first Aesir deck in 2014, hundreds of card fans have been able to enjoy this world inspired by Viking mythology and its prophecy about the end of the world. Several editions have been created after that but Doug wanted to create something very special so he has launched his new campaign: AESIR FOIL TUCK. For this project, three luxury tuck cases in blue, red and black have been created. To make them more unique…

03 September

MYTHICAL Playing Cards. The legendary gods and goddesses will be with you in this deck

I have always been interested in mythology and, you know, I am a card lover… So, each time a new deck with mythological inspiration is released, I feel special interest about it. This time, the deck has made created by Jumperound, a young group of young talents, established in Ukraine and who share my interest in mythology: MYTHICAL playing cards.     Mythical is completely different from what we have seen till now in mythology inspired decks. Not so much for the…

28 March

ÆSIRr GOLD Playing Cards. Finally all the gods and goddesses in a deck

  Doug Frye created Aesir, a deck inspired  inspired by a Viking prophecy that predicted the doomsday by the end of February 2014. As the prophecy was not fulfilled, Doug could distribute his decks to everyone and card fans could enjoy his artwork. Although the original deck had a blue back, Doug created a second deck with red back where the queen of hearts, Nanna,  was replaced by Freya and Thor changed his hair color Thor following a controversy between those who thought the hair…

25 March

Bicycle Æsir red deck. Red back, red hair

  I was talking some weeks ago about the Æsir deck, inspired by a Viking prophecy that predicted the doomsday by the end of February.     Fortunately, the prophecy was not fulfilled, and the campaign was funding. The funding goal allowed Doug, the creator, to print it as a Bicycle branded deck. But there wasn’t funding enough for the second deck (the red backed one) so he has launched the second campaign: Bicycle Æsir Red deck.     The…

30 January

Æsir deck. The doomsday cards according to Norse mythology

According to the Viking prophecy, on February 22, 2014 the wolf Fenrir will try to devour Odin, the great god of the Æsir, the pantheon of Norse gods. The launch of the Æsir deck takes advantage of such a terrible omen and its funding period ends exactly the day after the doomsday. The court cards show a selection of characters of the Norse mythology being the main one the god Odin, who exchanged an eye to be able to drink from…