MYTHICAL Playing Cards. The legendary gods and goddesses will be with you in this deck

I have always been interested in mythology and, you know, I am a card lover… So, each time a new deck with mythological inspiration is released, I feel special interest about it. This time, the deck has made created by Jumperound, a young group of young talents, established in Ukraine and who share my interest in mythology: MYTHICAL playing cards.




Mythical is completely different from what we have seen till now in mythology inspired decks. Not so much for the subject, which gathers great gods and goddesses from different mythologies, but for the design, colorful and seemingly simple lines, but hiding quite interesting details. Each suit represents a different mythology: Greek (hearts), Norse (spades), Egyptian (clubs) and Slavic (diamonds).



One of the most interesting and unique aspects is that the courts take up the whole face, and are not framed as usually in traditional cards. While this may be a drawback for magic routines or for playing, it is certainly an element that collectors will appreciate.

Another interesting detail of the design is that each deity has a background related to his/her environment (Isis’ Nile, Veles’ Hell or Poseidon’s sea are some examples). Also, four different runes have been created for the four suits in the indexes, aces designs and numbered cards backgrounds.


Mythical_ClassicCardsBackground Mythical_ClassicCardsRunes


Two decks have been planned in the campaign. The Classic deck and Old-World deck. While the former will have a white background, the second one, which will be unlocked as a stretch goal, will have a background similar to ancient papyrus, and will be the perfect complement for the collector. The decks will be probably printed by NoirArts Playing Card Company (NPCC), a company based also in Ukraine.



There are still a few campaign days left so do not hesitate to help this young group to realize a legendary deck. Visit MYTHICAL and raise your pledge.

Gods be with you!