Midnight Bowl-A-Rama Playing Cards. Strike!


After his first solo project, Draconian, the great Randy Butterfield (Midnight Card Company) has prepared something cool, fresh, original and striking: Bowl A Rama.

Randy is much more than a simple fan of bowling. He and his brothers bowled in leagues a lot when they were kids. He was even on a league in California for a few years in his late twenties as well and his parents still bowl on leagues so the inspiration came really fast in this case.

The Midnight Bowl-A-Rama decks are colorful and fun, keeping a cool retro vibe on them. The Bowl-A-Rama Logo design is inspired by Bowling Alley Signs from the ’50s and ’60s.

This project is so personal for him that the numbers cards include easily readable, but subtly positioned, unique team names (80 different team names in total!). Most of the team names are found in bowling alleys around the world. About a quarter of the team names are names Randy made up or chose to reference his personal life.



Randy has even inspired the illustration of the court cards in his own world giving each card elements that refer to relevant people for him such as his wife and children.

Another element really special, original and unique in these decks is the way Randy has illustrated the numbered cards using the same layout as the one used in the bowling alley. The aces through tens on both decks are designed to look like an overhead view of a bowling pins setup.

There will be two decks (red and black), both printed by the Legends Playing Card Co. in their Classic Finish. The design will be different for each in all numbered and court cards and also in the card backs. The red deck’s back has a head-to-head design structure while the black deck’s back has a Tally-Ho’esque center based design structure.

The project will be launched on March 12th and I will make a new post in that moment to let you know about it so you can get these amazing decks.

See you soon at the bowling alley!