GLITCH deck. Digital errors distort our playing cards


At the first sight, you would say this deck is a misprinted deck. Colors and shapes from the traditional playing cards mixes in a weird way. But there is not a problem with the printer, every detail in this deck is intentional, this is the Glitch deck.

Its creator, Soleil, a Swiss designer based in the USA, has been playing with the visual aspects of a traditional poker deck to create different cards with different effects. The effects are based on what we could call “Glitch art“. Something surrealist based on changing the reality following patterns similar to the mistakes or fails in digital image processing.



The result here is a set of cards quite different, like the sometimes misunderstood art, something disturbing for our eyes but strong and powerful.

You have to see the cards, and decide if you like this art, but after reading about glitch and other concepts, completely new for me, such as datamoshing, or databending, consider this as just something improvised would be completely unfair because this type of visual results requires techniques, time and, of course, a big dose of talent.



The deck, if funded, will be printed by the USPCC. If you want one (or more), go to the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!