Fishing For Compliments Playing Cards. A freshwater deck


Stacey Jay Kelly (Pixel Initiative) is an English digital illustrator with a long experience in game designing and street art. One of her dreams is making her own deck of cards and the dream can become true soon with this new project: Fishing for Compliments.

Naming it Fishing For Compliments gives the artist a real desire to illustrate them beautifully so it would be worth complimenting. She really wanted them to be special.



Behind this word game you can find a set of really nice illustrated cards. They represent a group of twin freshwater fishes in a symmetrical position that reminds us the zodiac sign of Pisces.

The fishes go up in size order through the card numbers with the small stickleback for the 2 to the big Wels Catfish for the king and repeat in every suit. The aces are fish hooks to represent the players reeling (like a fishing rod) each other in.



The design is clear and bold at the same time, with an art-deco vectorial style in almost monochromatic aquamarine blue tones. A classic aspect in a modern finish. The back is a really nice one in purple color.

Everything in the deck has been customized and it will be printed by the Legends Playing Cards Company in a limited print run of a minimum of 1,000 units.



No many add-ons are offered, just decks and interesting personalized portraits using the card template.

If you like the images, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!