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VICTORIAN Playing Cards. The refinement of 3D craftsmanship

The canvas on which a playing card becomes, accepts all kinds of artistic expressions. One of the least used but full of possibilities is 3D design, of which Maciej Frolow is a true master. After many years of experience in illustration and 3D design, he has decided to jump into the world of crowdfunding through a […]

THE ART OF THE CON Playing Cards. A deceptive deck

Deception is as old as humanity. Used to make a profit at the expense of others’ ignorance or greed, it has turned some people into true scam legends. Inspired by some of the biggest swindlers in history, the young and dynamic 3rd dominion group have just released their first deck: THE ART OF THE CON. […]

LUNAR AND ZODIAC: YEAR OF THE TIGER Playing Cards. The fourth deck of this luxurious collection

Nomads Playing Cards guys  continue offering their beautiful series of Zodiac decks to their backers. Thus, they have released the fourth deck: LUNAR AND ZODIAC: YEAR OF THE TIGER. This series takes as reference the relationship between the nomads of Xiongnu in ancient Mongolia and the well-known Chinese lunar calendar represented by 12 animals. In […]