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RESILIENCE ELEGANCE Playing Cards. The classic etiquette

After releasing his Resilience MOD deck with an interesting marking system, Alberto Ruano has just launched his new project: ELEGANCE. True to his elegant style, this tireless Spanish magician, passionate about the classics, wanted to offer a new edition, with the distinction of its predecessor but with a more functional focus. Elegance is, therefore, an […]

BICYCLE RETRO ROCKET Playing Cards. A nostalgic look at space travel

Continuing with their monthly releases, Penguin Magic friends present their new own production: BICYCLE RETRO ROCKER. Drawings by Douglas Fuchs illustrate these cards inspired by space travel and man’s desire to colonize the universe. The designs are simple and cartoonish, with monochrome color schemes and soft shapes to give the whole a very effective retro […]

JOLLY ROGER KRAKEN Playing Cards. The impressive giant octopus and its metallic beauty

While we recover from the union of elegance and technology in his latest campaign, Dominion Exquisite, the talented artist Jody Eklund (Black Ink Playing Cards) strikes again with a new and exciting creation, in a campaign with bold objects and spectacular designs: JOLLY ROGER KRAKEN. The deck is inspired by epic sea adventures and the fight […]

SHAMANIC JOURNEY playing cards. Spread your wings on a journey into your inner world

Some people consider shamanism as the path to integration with nature and connection with ourselves. To achieve this, one of the techniques used is the shamanic journey, which allows us to connect with our interior in a non-ordinary state of consciousness. Inspired by this idea, SHAMANIC JOURNEY decks arrive. In these cards, Andy Kurovets (3rd dominion) […]

BICYCLE CATERPILLAR Playing Cards. Get them before they grow wings

Will Roya (PlayingCardsDecks.com) just launched the most recent collaboration with Artur Rajch that friends of bugs and cards have been waiting for: BICYCLE CATERPILLAR This is the fifth deck in the series dedicated to insects after Beekeeper , Ladybug, DragonFly and Ant. A series that combines soft color schemes and natural designs.     Little […]

BICYCLE WRANGLERS Playing Cards. If you use this deck with other outlaws you will be in serious trouble

The use of marked decks in the 19th century Wild West was widespread. Marking gave an edge to scammers at the poker tables and was the source of great fights (and occasional deaths). Inspired by the days of cowboys and game, Penguin Magic presents a direct release of their own production: BICYCLE WRANGLERS. The BICYCLE […]

EVE Playing Cards: THE UNTOLD STORY. If you bite into this deck, you know what awaits you …

The creation of the world and mankind according to Christians is one of the most exciting stories written in the Bible. An interesting reinterpretation has just been released in a new deck: EVE: THE UNTOLD STORY. Adapting the illustrations from the homonymous graphic novel by Francis Testa, these cards tell the fascinating story of Genesis […]