MARKED BICYCLE RIDER BACK Deck. Revealing the secret behind the most iconic back

After many years of working with and for magicians from various places, I have discovered that a magician is a curious and interesting specimen, especially when it comes to playing cards. Almost all those I have met (and there have been quite a few) can’t seem to agree on the deck for performing card magic. Despite the existence of thousands of colors, designs, and different formats, each one prefers “their own” deck, whether it’s for its slip, its feel, its cut, or simply because they are more used to it. However, if we had to choose the most popular one over the last few decades, undoubtedly, it would be the Bicycle Rider Back. This deck has become a kind of universally known “standard,” with which any spectator feels familiar and, therefore, and this is important, it does not arouse any suspicion in the development of a card magic effect.

Ondrej Psenicka is one of these curious magicians, I have to say one of my favorites (perhaps because I feel him as a good friend), known worldwide as one of the most seriously funny and witty, professional fooler of famous magicians, creator of amazing tricks and, above all, the mastermind behind such a special marking system that has made his Butterfly decks an icon in the world of card magic.

Why not join this advanced marking system with one of the most popular and recognizable decks? The greatest challenge was to get the USPCC, staunch defender of the purity of the sacred Rider Back back that, since 2010, had been protected against any manipulation or change, to integrate the marking without losing its essence. That is exactly what Ondrej did last year, in collaboration with the USPCC, with the first edition of the marked Bicycle Rider Back deck. with a system that did not alter the back, but rather added a discreet frame around it, with an adaptation of the marking of the Butterfly decks. This first edition disappeared almost instantly (and it wasn’t magic, but rather a huge interest).



Now, Ondrej has just launched a campaign to print a new edition of this deck, to make it accessible to everyone: MARKED BICYCLE RIDER BACK.

Having said all this, there is not much more to add. The spectator chooses a card and the magician automatically knows, at a glance, which card it is. As simple as it is surprising. All with the recognized quality of the USPCC in its Bicycle paper, embossed finish (air-cushion), absolutely recognizable (and “innocent”) back and a reasonable price.

It is possible to get lower prices only during the first day, and, in addition, those who decide to participate in the campaign will receive an electronic document with detailed instructions (and in five languages) of all the secrets of the deck with their reward.

Undoubtedly, the campaign reserves some surprises so, if you like the idea, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!