PRISM: NIGHT Playing Cards. The first gloss ink deck by Legends


The world of playing cards manufacturing has evolved a lot along last years, but more recently there has been an interesting series of advances and developments related to materials and finishes. While Make Playing Cards launched its polymer technology to give brightness and relief to the card printing, and began to produce metallic foiled cards to give them a new shine, other companies like USPCC or LPCC have already been working in some of these technologies.

Once the foiled paper went from the tuck-case to the own cards, Legends Playing Cards Company will print their first deck using gloss ink technology: PRISM NIGHT.



After trying it for the first time, Ben Jones (Elephant Playing Cards) relaunched this project that is having a fantastic funding progress. Prism Night is a vibrant deck, with an exceptional coloring, almost fluorescent, on a black background that highlights even more its striking appearance.



In addition, LPCC will use gloss ink to give more relief to the cards for their first time, so printing this deck will be an exciting challenge. The idea is to use the thickest gloss ink LPCC has and if does not work (because it is too brittle), a slightly thinner rainbow colored ink will be used.

Furthermore, as a stretch goal, Prism Day Editionthe bright and white sister of Prism Night, will be unlocked.



The images in the campaign correspond to a prototype created by MPC with their Impressions technology, but Ben has assured me that the final product by LPCC will be better and neater.

If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!