Impressions Metallic Foil Back Playing Cards. Not only embossed, but also shiny


A few months ago, Make Playing Cards surprised us with Impressions, a new polymer technology that print cards with gloss and embossed designs, something that was very unique and a commercial success. Now, MPC launch their new project: Impressions Metallic Foil Back.



With this new campaign, MPC gives a new twist to their own technology giving the cards not only embossing and gloss, but also a metallic foil finish. This has nothing to do with the metallic inks but it is similar to the aspect we are used to see in the foiled tuck boxes, something had never produced before using printing machinery.



The result is a nice metallic sheen and an interesting embossing in a back with a design showing the main source of any printing company: the tree. The faces of the cards show the standard faces created by MPC and are not treated with any of these technologies to avoid problems with the cards thickness and handling.



The campaign, so far, shows two identical decks with backs in red and blue. You can see some images of the prototypes and a video showing the printing process.

You can’t miss this unique decks. Visit the project website and mraise your pledge.

Good luck!