Crimson Resurrection, the new deck from MJM Magic

MJM Magic is a well known magic shop based on good quality and good customer service.

After the success obtained in their previous edition: Crimson deckMJM Magic and the magician Dan Sperry come back with the second edition: Crimson Resurrection.

This new edition tries to improve some design and revelation elements keeping the quality of an Air Cushion Finish deck from USPCC. Some of the improvements are:

  • New box and back design
  • Custom designed court cards vibrantly detailed and artistically portrayed.
  • All four Aces are customized
  • Custom Joker cards
  • Two gaff cards for magicians (blank face and double back)
  • ESP Zodiac symbols printed on the bottom of the box, which you can use to force a symbol if you know the Hot Rod effect

Here you have the official photos from MJM Magic of some Crimson Resurrection cards.


I have scanned both decks so you can see the box design differences.


They are two interesting decks any collector or magician should have.

You can find more information about both decks in MJM Magic. I have a couple of each just in case anyone is interested.