GUNS, JAZZ & WHISKEY Playing Cards. Those Rouring Twenties

Among all the decades in the 20th century, the twenties in the United States have always been an inexhaustible source of artistic inspiration. This decade began with a huge economic growth after the First World War and ended with one of the largest recessions in the country’s history. The movement of money, the prohibition and the migration of jazz musicians from Nueva Orleans created an interesting atmosphere in New York where the mafia, illegal alcohol and music blended in dangerous but captivating circles. Inspired by these crazy years, Marco Luzi (Lune Playing Cards) presents his new deck: GUNS, JAZZ & WHISKEY.

The name could not be clearer and the illustrations show characters from the period with a very original style. Each suit represents a different group in the court cards: jazz musicians, gangsters, police and street workers.




Both the aces and the back have a clear inspiration in Art Deco, the most relevant artistic movement of the time, in which the straight lines intersect in complex designs in gold on a black background.



The tuck case adds to this design a vintage Art Deco typeface.



The deck will be printed by the USPCC and the first creation of Lune Playing Cards, Colores de Colombia, can also be obtained in the campaign as add-on.



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