The Black Book of Cards. A new concept of typographic Deck



After the successfully completed Urban Punk deck project, my friends from Uncommon Beat, Sara and Scott, give us a completely different and amazing idea: The Black Book of Cards.



This is, in fact, a typographic deck, but not the one we are used to see. All you can see in this design is a set of stunning shapes and portraits made by letters and words in an incredible composition. In this deck, every card is a piece of art where the words are not randomly written, but following a pattern.



But that’s not all. Furthermore, each card is related to each person through their own birth date based on methods used in astrology, numerology and cartomancy suggesting some of the personal features of people born at the same day or sharing the same card.



To help this interesting feature, the deck includes two special cards where you can locate your card according your birth date (find yours ;) ).



The whole deck is amazing, the cards are really cool and the idea is fresh and new. Everything in this deck is interesting.



The deck will be printed by the USPCC on Bicycle stock and Magic finish and there will be three different tuck box designs printed on a cool black matte premium vellum stock: the regular unlimited one and two limited editions Bicycle branded with a wax seal, one vertical and one horizontal design, limited to 500 decks per design.



You cant miss it, go and pledge in the project website.

By the way, did you find your card? Mine is the 2 of clubs. If you want to know more about me, have a look to it (click to enlarge).

Good luck!