JOY Playing Cards. Shuffling happiness into every hand

In the world of art and creativity, sometimes the simplest ideas can turn into something extraordinary. This is precisely the story behind a deck inspired by a personal experience full of emotional ups and downs, much more than just a set of playing cards: JOY.

The seed of the JOY deck was planted a decade ago when the Different deck, conceived by the creative visionary and magician Brian Daniel South, came to light thanks to a Kickstarter campaign. Each card of this original deck was a work of art filled with symbolism and hidden elements, designed to invite viewers to look beyond the obvious. The idea of ​​giving a twist to the meaning of each traditional card (turning the “5 of hearts” into “the heart of fives”) was the result of a creative process of more than eight years with the designer Nike Meyer, during which every detail was placed with a defined purpose.



After a long and sometimes difficult life journey, Brian decided to launch the JOY project, whose magic lies in its unique and original structure. Each card not only includes the word “JOY” creatively but is also adorned with a variety of symbolic elements and hidden details that invite exploration and contemplation. With over a hundred hidden visual references, these cards are a testimony to wit and creativity, capturing the essence of joy in each card. This unique structure not only makes the JOY deck visually captivating but also turns it into a powerful tool to inspire meaningful conversations and moments of emotional connection among those who use it.



The back presents a symmetrical composition with an ambigram of the word JOY, and there will be two special cards, a wild card, and a card with some of the words that can be found hidden in the designs.



Additionally, the cards will feature a cheerful purple gilding.



Two versions of the deck will be printed by WJPC, with different tuck cases. The standard edition (unlimited) and a limited edition with a metallic case and the back of the cards on its back.



Having reached the funding goal of $5690 (coinciding with the numbers to spell JOY on a phone keypad), several funding milestones are proposed as more and more backers join. The final one will be a golden Bicycle deck to commemorate the origin of this great story, coinciding with the same number of backers from the original project.

Backing this project not only allows you to get a deck of cards but also an opportunity to give smiles and moments of happiness to those around you. Furthermore, there are extraordinary discounts on multiple contributions, with prices as low as $3.7 per deck, making sharing not only a reason for joy but also much cheaper thanks to this campaign.

If you want to join this joyful experience, visit the project website and make your contribution.

Good luck!