BICYCLE CUPID AND PSYCHE Playing Cards. A deck of mythical love

A beautiful Roman legend tells the poignant odyssey of the lovely mortal Psyche, who, enamored with the god of love, Cupid, faces trials imposed by a jealous Venus. Psyche overcomes supernatural challenges and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, showcasing her courage and devotion to ultimately seal a love that transcends divine boundaries. A new deck from blends the charm of this legend with exquisite illustrations: BICYCLE CUPID AND PSYCHE.

In this artistic tribute to the mythological epic, the talented artist Juniardi Satyanagara offers a captivating interpretation of this ancient tale. Through a transformational deck style, where pips intertwine with various illustrations, each card becomes a window transporting players to an era where love defied the gods themselves. The result is a beautiful deck collection with absolute personalization.



Two variations of the deck have been created, both sharing the same faces and backs but differing in their distinctive gold and pink colors.



Additionally, to meet the demands of discerning enthusiasts and collectors, three editions have been released, each with different levels of availability but featuring the same designs on faces and backs. The standard edition, with an unlimited print run subject to possible reprints according to demand, is ideal for those wanting to enjoy quality and design at a very reasonable price.



The limited edition, with a print run of 750 decks in each color, showcases a more elaborate box and a numbered seal, providing collectors with a unique and exclusive piece.



Lastly, the Gilded edition stands out with metallic gold and pink edges, with an ultra-limited print run of 288 decks in each color. This edition, also equipped with the exclusive limited edition box and a numbered seal, becomes a cherished gem for collectors of playing cards.



All decks will be printed by the USPCC with their renowned quality and the Bicycle seal.

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