Federal 52 Part II. A talented machine to make cards about money and money about cards


It’s almost impossible not to remember the Federal 52 project, one of the most successful of the year. I had the opportunity to interview its creator, Jackson Robinson, during the campaign.

Jackson hasn’t stopped working since then and has created absolutely amazing designs for the second part of his project.

The project was funded in less than 20 minutes and will be undoubtedly a funding record when the campaign ends. In this part, Jackson has created three different designs in six decks (as in the previous project, each design will be Bicycle branded and unbranded):

  • Reserve Note deck (red color)
  • Silver Certificate deck (blue color)
  • Reserve Note limited and numbered editión deck: the same as the first one but in a black tuck case and limited to 1000 numbered decks.

You can see high resolution images of the 6 decks in the gallery. If you want to see many more photos, videos, information and raise your pledge, please visit the project page.

Clearly Jackson has become a talented machine to make cards about money and money about cards. I wish him the best luck. No doubt he deserves it.


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