VICTORIAN PEARL Playing Cards. The most luminous and delicate 3D craftsmanship

The Victorian campaign by  Maciej Frolow a few days ago was a real success. All stretch goals were unlocked, including metallic inks on cards and embossing, foil stock, inner printing and numbered seal in the tuck case. The highest stretch goal, the second deck, was unlocked 24 hours before the deadline, so many backers missed it. In order to give a new opportunity to those who could not get it, Maciej has just launched an express campaign for the VICTORIAN PEARL Playing Cards.


This deck is the twin of the Obsidian edition but with a completely different color scheme, with a much brighter finish. Although the designs play with the same carefully crafted 3D technology elements, the white backgrounds enhance the beauty of the artwork’s metallic details.



The artist wanted to keep the same quality and finish in this new edition, so all possible extras have been offered from the beginning. Thus, NPCC will print these cards with metallic inks and the tuck case will be embossed, foiled, printed inside and numbered in the seal.



The campaign only lasts 12 days and those who backed the previous project will be able to add as many items as they want to their rewards with free shipping. In addition, if you missed Obsidian, you can also get it as add-on with other interesting items like coins or art prints. Visit VICTORIAN PEARL Playing Cardsthe project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!