INFINITE RULE LUXURY Playing Cards. A delicate and beautiful deck

Andy Sundlab is a restless designer with a desire to create beautiful, high-quality products. His experience in the world of illustration has led him to embark on this first playing card adventure called INFINITE RULE LUXURY.

The gaze towards these cards reflects beauty and delicacy in each of their elements. The designs are elegant, with an exquisite taste for detail and an enormous respect for the traditional playing card, which, however, has been completely reinterpreted.



All cards have been customized to give the deck a different look, with a fair combination of freshness and sobriety. The pips have been completely redesigned with sinuous curves and aces full of elaborate details.



The court cards show rejuvenated characters, with a simple but highly effective color scheme in which gold is the protagonist, a gold for which metallic ink has been used throughout the deck. The details on the weapons and accessories as well as an engraved style provide a unique view of traditional playing cards.



Two different jokers and an asymmetric back complete this unique set of cards.



The tuck case closes a luxurious edition with embossing and gold foil.



No expense has been spared for printing so it will be handled by the USPCC with its recognized quality.

If you like it, I suggest you go to the project website and raise your pledge. It will be a great addition to your collection and your card games and tricks.

Good luck!