VICTORIAN Playing Cards. The refinement of 3D craftsmanship

The canvas on which a playing card becomes, accepts all kinds of artistic expressions. One of the least used but full of possibilities is 3D design, of which Maciej Frolow is a true master. After many years of experience in illustration and 3D design, he has decided to jump into the world of crowdfunding through a new deck: VICTORIAN OBSIDIAN.



In this work, the artist wanted to transcend classic playing cards and offer a refined, elaborate and detailed design with an elegant and delicate Victorian inspiration. In this way, the deck has been completely customized with illustrations in which the metallic finishes of silver and copper stand out on dark backgrounds.



The court cards show three elements that are repeated on the suits but with different illustrations. Kings, queens, and jacks have been replaced by luxurious scepters, delicate roses, and decorated firearms.



Aces are very elaborate and oversized while the numbered cards are perfectly recognizable despite an almost monochromatic schema.



The back features a symmetrical composition in which the four custom pips and the objects in the court cards are mounted in an intricate pattern of sinuous and complex shapes.



The tuck case is a one-of-a-kind piece, lavishly decorated combining the designs from the back and ace of spades in a striking embossed finish with silver foil.



Other features will be unlocked as stretch goals to this luxurious presentation such as a second foil (copper) and inner printing for the tuck, a numbered custom seal or metallic inks in cards.

In addition, with funding enough, a second and very striking edition of the deck, Pearl, will be unlocked.



The limited print-run of Victorian, with a minimum of 500 decks, will be made by Noir Arts (NPCC) on 310gsm paper and linen finish with their usual high-quality print which will undoubtedly be especially notable in the tuck box and its details.

If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!