TOP ACES OF WWI Playing Cards . A tribute to the first World War pilots

Keeping his elegant and detailed character, Jody Eklund (Black Ink Playing Cards) presents his latest creation: TOP ACES OF WWI.

This time, the pilots of the First World War inspire these illustrations that break with the monochromatic aesthetics of his latest decks to bring us an interesting and more colorful proposal.

With that “retro” touch of engraving style, Jody dedicates this deck to his grandfather, a flying lover, and to all those who risked their lives on the back of one of these metal birds. Some of these historical figures are depicted in the court cards. The numbered cards keep the clean structure of the traditional cards to make them more playable.

As on his previous campaigns, the artist has created two editions: Standard and Limited.

The Standard Edition will have a beautiful color case illustrated with combat aircraft. The card back shares the same colors. The print run will be, at least, 2000 decks.



The Limited Edition has a more elaborate case, with silver foil on a dark blue stock. Card faces will be the same as in the standard edition while the back will be monochrome in a dark blue tone. Decks will be numbered on the seal in a limited print run of 1000 units.



In addition, as he did previously, 250 units of the DELUXE edition will be made. This edition will have a very luxurious hard slide case.



Finally, 500 units of the signature edition will be also available, with both decks inside a special case with a numbered seal and an explanatory booklet. A a stretch goal, the signature set will contain a nice dealer coin.



Legends Playing Cards Company will print the decks. If you are passionate about the world of aviation, war pilots, historical cards, engraved illustrations or just a fan of Jody, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Safe flight!