BICYCLE FARO Playing Cards. A novelty without indexes for your magic routines and card games

Faro is a gambling game that became very popular in late 17th century due to its speed and easy-to-learn rules. Will Roya ( wanted to create a revised version of the Faro deck teaming up with Azured Ox to create a mix between the original essence and the most popular modern deck: BICYCLE FARO.

Although at first glance it may look like a standard Bicycle Rider Back deck, the cards inside reveal some interesting mysteries. What is most striking is the lack of indexes, a feature of those old decks, something already announced in the tuck case.



To ease their identification, the traditional court cards have been respected, also without indexes.



With the classic small aces, only the ace of spades has been customized with an ornate design that recalls past times.



Although the jokers would not appear until the mid-nineteenth century, the deck include two completely customized ones inspired by Will’s puppy.



Finally, the creator wanted to give the deck an added value for magic routines so it includes several cool elements for tricks: revelations in tuck case and jokers and two different gaff cards depending on the color of the deck (double back, double face and blank face)



Both editions in the classic red and blue colors have been printed by the USPCC with the best quality Bicycle paper, traditional cut and air-cushion finish. the print run is limited to 2500 decks of each color.



In addition, to celebrate the launch, during the first three days (Feb 15th-17th) the decks will have a 25% off in

A perfect opportunity to get them so take advantage of it and enjoy your games and your magical routines with a different style.

Good luck!




if you’re interested, Will Roya produced a recreation from scratch based on hi-resolution photographs from the 1895 Russel & Morgan Faro Deck. Only 500 decks were printed and most of them were already sent to Pip Box club members, so just some are left and available in for a quite reasonable price.




  • Printed by MPC on High Quality Card Stock
  • Smooth Ivory Finish
  • Art by Azured Ox
  • Produced by Will Roya
  • Matte Tuck Case
  • Tax Stamp Tuck Seal
  • Subtle One-Way Back
  • Custom Ace of Spades & Duplicate
  • Custom Jokers with Reveal
  • Limited Edition of 500