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New Royal Playing Cards. A delicate restoration of historical, astronomical and geographical didactics

Rescuing cards from the past is a magnificent work of dissemination and love for collecting. After finishing the Cotta’s Almanac series, Will Roya ( begins a new adventure of restoration of historical playing cards: NEW ROYAL. NEW ROYAL are inspired by those originally published in 1927-28 by Charles Hodges, a London bookseller who made engraved playing […]


BICYCLE JOLLY ROGER Playing Cards. The most feared bones in the ocean

Two crossbones and a skull on a black background, one of the most recognizable symbols for all of us was, originally, the one that caused terror in the seven seas. That’s the inspiration for the new release by Will Roya (, illustrated by Juniardi Satyanagara, called BICYCLE JOLLY ROGER. The cards use all the best known […]


BICYCLE GRASSHOPPER Playing Cards. Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep this deck from getting to you

If two months ago the butterflies flew by the hand of Will Roya (, the new deck designed by Artur Rajch brings us the most jumping insects: BICYCLE GRASSHOPPER. This is the seventh deck in the series dedicated to insects. As in the previous ones, the color schemes are natural and simple. Full customization uses […]


BICYCLE TROJAN WAR Playing Cards. The Greek epic and its protagonists

Perhaps it was a kidnapping or perhaps a voluntary escape but the truth is that the disappearance of Helen of Sparta caused one of the best known warlike conflicts in ancient Greece that, today, inspires a new deck: BICYCLE TROJAN WAR. In this new release by Will Roya ( illustrated by Juniardi Satyanagara, the cards review […]


COTTA’s ALMANAC # 6 Playing Cards. The transformation deck series is complete

More than a year after launching the first deck, this series comes to an end with COTTA’S ALMANAC #6: KNIGTHLY ORDERS. This is the sixth volume in this series of transformation decks produced by Will Roya ( A project that stems from painstaking research on transformation cards and their origins coupled with Will’s interest in rescuing […]


BICYCLE BUTTERFLY Playing Cards. Our decks finally got wings

Ants, dragonflies, ladybugs, bees and caterpillars have plagued our cards over the last few months thanks to this series of decks by Will Roya ( in collbaration witht eh designer Artur Rajch . This time, the most beautiful flying bugs will be the ones that entertain our poker nights or our card magic sessions: BICYCLE […]


BICYCLE CATERPILLAR Playing Cards. Get them before they grow wings

Will Roya ( just launched the most recent collaboration with Artur Rajch that friends of bugs and cards have been waiting for: BICYCLE CATERPILLAR This is the fifth deck in the series dedicated to insects after Beekeeper , Ladybug, DragonFly and Ant. A series that combines soft color schemes and natural designs.     Little […]


BICYCLE NINJA Playing Cards. A silent and deadly deck

Ruthless and silent mercenaries, the ninjas manage to convey that mixed sensation of intrigue and fear. Inspired by these mysterious characters, Roya ( presents his new deck: BICYCLE NINJA. In a new collaboration with Juniardi Satyanagara, these cards collect the ninja fighting spirit through their different weapons and characters in a completely customized deck. The aces […]