BICYCLE STINGRAY Playing Cards. Diving into the world of underwater elegance

Over the past few years, has fostered a creative collaboration with artist Artur Rajch, giving birth to a thematic series of playing card decks dedicated to a wide array of animals and creatures that inhabit our world. This fruitful partnership has produced a substantial collection of decks and editions that have already become prized possessions in the hands of card enthusiasts. Continuing with this successful association, they have just unveiled their latest creation, an ode to the fascinating realm of rays and mantas that dwell in the depths of the ocean: BICYCLE STINGRAY..

The realm of cartilaginous fish encompasses more than half a thousand species, conjuring images of graceful creatures gliding through the depths of the ocean. Amongst this myriad of marine life, this deck draws its inspiration from stingrays and their ethereal movements in the water. Against pristine white backgrounds with subtle watermark patterns, the faces feature custom suits with stylized shapes.



The court cards depict the classic characters of this series, adapted to the underwater theme with predominantly blue hues joint to the traditional red and black.


Like in the rest of the series, the deck includes two jokers and two gaff cards for card magic (double face and double back).



Two editions of the deck have been made, with the same faces and different tuck cases and backs. The teal edition, with a print run of 2,500 deck, and the orange edition, limited to 1,100 deck.



Furthermore, an extremely limited run of 250 uniquely gilded decks in each color have been produced.


The cards have been printed by the USPCC with the traditional cut and air cushion finish.

Only a few units of each deck have just been available since the rest have been sent to the members of the Pip Box Club and other distributors. You can get them in a set or individually.

Also, to celebrate the launch, during this weekend, you can purchase the decks with an enticing discount on the official website. Seize the opportunity to add a few more decks from their extensive catalog to your collection.

Good luck!