EMINENCE Playing Cards. The classic and elegant beauty inspired by royalty

After completing the fulfillment of the previous campaign (Legionary), Jody Eklund (Black Ink Playing Cards) strikes back in Kickstarter with his new creation: EMINENCE.

Eminence is primarily elegant and sophisticated. Jody has played in a timeless, classic style that draws inspiration from royalty and traditional playing cards, but exudes a refined contemporary beauty.

Within the full customization, the court cards are delicate, with clean lines and intricate decorative patterns in a near-monochrome style embellished with touches of gold metallic inks.



The aces are large, to facilitate their identification and, as in the rest of the cards, they are adorned with a golden frame.



Different and symmetrical, the jokers are cheerful and have a vintage touch that perfectly matches the theme of the deck.



All indexes and pips have been customized with a very elaborate but perfectly recognizable style.



The tuck case is a work of art, embossed and gold foiled on premium colored paper with a matte finish.



The campaign offers two editions of the deck, with the same faces and different colors on the back and tuck case. The Saphire edition will be the classic version in blue, while the Jasper edition will be limited, in red, with a beautiful numbered seal and gold gilded.



Printing will be done by Legends Playing Card Co. which is now Jody’s official printer, and has done a fabulous job on all of his previous creations.

If you like it, you can visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!