ROYAL SANCTUARY playing cards. Multi-dimensional nobility and divinity

According to legend, the Royal Sanctuary, erected as a tribute to the nobility and honor of ancient rulers, was a sacred place protected by the gods. Only those with pure hearts, such as kings, queens, and brave warriors, could access this refuge, where they communicated directly with the gods to receive celestial wisdom and spiritual strength. Nestled in a hidden location and guarded by ancestral magic, this place of worship and divine counsel was adorned with ancient symbols and resonated with the voices of the divine. Inspired by this thrilling story, I am honored to introduce ROYAL SANCTUARY.



These decks are the result of the work of talented designer Mike Encarnaçao (Shapeshifters), who has made more than 20 decks for different companies and has decided to launch his first solo project. To achieve this, he has collaborated with Max Playing Cards in all artistic, production, and logistical aspects, and with Noir Arts (NPCC) to obtain the best products with the finest finishes.



The Royal Sanctuary playing cards pay homage to this sacred legacy, capturing the essence of this mythical place in each card. The court cards and their brave warriors, kings, and queens on their way to the sanctuary exude majesty and strength. Each one proudly holds a cross, showing their honor and justice. In addition to their weapons, they bring other tributes for the gods. Drawn with style, full of details, the illustrations capture the epic emotion, making you feel greatness and respect. These cards reflect the courage of those who seek wisdom in the sanctuary and inspire awe and admiration.



The two jokers, represented by the fusion of the cross and wings, embody the powerful union between divinity and freedom. This combination evokes a sense of transcendence.



The back design features an elaborate symmetrical composition with the cross at its center, surrounded by concentric circles.



Two different versions of Royal Sanctuary have been created, each with a different color combination. The Kings edition features an elegant fusion of silver and gold, evoking the majesty and power of royalty. On the other hand, the Emerald edition captivates with a vibrant combination of turquoise and gold, providing a touch of modernity and energy.



Each of these versions is offered in two different editions: Limited and Noble. The Limited editions are true masterpieces that incorporate the best qualities of paper, inks with metallic accents, and cutting-edge printing techniques. Each card is adorned with beautiful illustrations that capture the essence of the Royal Sanctuary, offering a visually stunning experience at a more reasonable price.



The Noble editions represent the culmination of luxury and elegance. These exclusive cases dispense with any printing; instead, they feature elaborate metallic foils in three colors (gold, black, and silver/purple) on luxurious black paper. This technique not only enhances the aesthetic appearance but also emphasizes the divine essence and nobility of the deck.



Additionally, the campaign features a true crown jewel, the Heritage Kings Edition deck, a true masterpiece of craftsmanship and elegance. Its case combines the sophistication of metallic foil in three colors on pearlescent white paper with elements printed in 3D using silver and gold filaments. This design evokes the purity and divinity of the Royal Sanctuary, offering an incomparable tactile and visual experience.



Furthermore, the court cards are redesigned in a monochromatic red and black scheme, enhanced with gold metallic ink to complete their elegance.



The back of the cards features an authentic metallic foil in gold and silver, adding a touch of opulence to every game.



As you can see, it’s a great campaign with fantastic products. If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!