Brewery deck. Beer collection for playing cards collectors



I feel better knowing that there are people out there as crazy as me (or more) about collecting. A good example is the Spanish Club of Brewery Collectors (CELCE) members, that collect all kinds of objects related to the refreshing and foaming drink, from bottles to cans, labels, bottle caps, jars and, of course, playing cards.

In 2012, CELCE celebrated its XXV anniversary and for that occasion they edited a deck to show some of the elements of their collecting activities.

This is a deck with 48 cards and two jokers, Spanish type but modified where traditional suits are replaced by bottle caps, labels, cans and cups and mugs.



The features of the deck state that it has been primarily designed for collectors of both beer or playing cards.

If you want one, you can contact the Club on their official website (in Spanish).

Not sure why, but I have a sudden urge to have a cold beer. See you soon!