V-TWIN Playing Cards. The free spirit of bikers

The leather, the speed and the roar of an engine is the real gasoline that moves a biker. Aristo Playing Cards launches a new deck: V-TWIN.



V-TWIN represents the spirit of those two-wheeled motor enthusiasts who turn their motorcycles into a true lifestyle. Away from the violent perception of those scary outlaw motorcycle clubs, this deck aims to approach this philosophy of life in a much quieter way but full of the same aesthetic force of the “Hell’s Angels”. Tattoos, custom clothing and love for motorcycles and roads give life to some illustrations with rude but friendly characters in the court cards.



Aces are a work of art. As they did in their Steampunk deck, each ace looks like a machine made with engine parts full of details.



That rebel spirit that fears nothing is represented by the joker, a biker from another world with his mocking smile.



The almost monochromatic color scheme is also used in the custom numbered cards, that keep the traditional structure and, therefore, the playability of this deck.



Among all the designs, one of the boldest is the back, with a deep three-dimensional vision of a space full of rods, sleeves and engines about to start.



In addition to the deck, the campaign is full of surprises and add-ons, such as the custom brick boxes, the collector cases with two and three decks and an interesting collection of coins and key chains that make the fantastic card designs come true.



The deck will be printed by the USPCC on their high quality Bicycle paper.

If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!