BICYCLE INDEX ONLY Playing Cards. Let your imagination fill in the blank

Simplicity is sometimes a sign of success and Will Roya ( has reached the limit of simplicity with this new deck:  BICYCLE INDEX ONLY.

It is not necessary to go too far to talk about inspiration or designs because there is NOTHING. In fact, this is a deck with white faces that include the standard indices. Although blank face cards have existed for many years, this is the first time that we have come across cards that exclusively include poker indices.



The deck has been printed by the USPCC with their Bicycle quality, in blue and red colors, with the classic Rider Back, perhaps the most popular among players and magicians. This means that its use is limited by the imagination and can be combined with any other deck of the well-known brand for a wide variety of magic effects. It also includes two gaff cards with double backs and a white face.



Furthermore, being completely white, the cards can be used by designers as canvases to create completely custom decks.

This is a simple but interesting proposal, which is available in the standard edition and also in the stripper edition.



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