Gothique Playing Cards. Light and Darkness of French Gothic


Warpunk Games created Zombie black and white decks and the fantastic Max La Pala card ;)… but before the zombies, there was a fantastic version of Gotique style cards that were never printed. Now, Brian Lee strikes back with his original nice designs but reinterpreted in two new decks: Gothique Lumières y Ténèbres



Gothique Lumières and Ténèbres is the second set of playing cards in a series based on the ‘Paris Pattern’ style of face cards. The titles stem from the French origins of the original face card designs. The direct translation would be Gothic Enlightenment or Light, and Gothic Darkness. These were chosen to stay with the theme of the sets and as a reflection in their design.



Zombie White and Zombie Black is the first set in this series with a very limited run of only 1,000 decks each, most of which have already been distributed to the backers of the Kickstarter project. Just like the Gothique print run, this was the one and only time the cards will ever be printed, making them a very rare set indeed.



The Gothique Decks are not just another re-colorization of the original set. They have been altered further from the original ‘Paris Pattern’ design to incorporate amour and weaponry based on original medieval French designs. You can see a comparison below of the two sets and see how some small and not so small details have made these decks excellent companions to each other yet still having their own unique flare.


Zombie (left) and Gothique (right) cards comparison


The decks will be printed by QP Group, a well known games manufacturer with over 30 years of experience. The cards will be printed on 310gsm French Casino playing cards stock with a black liner and a linen finish.

You can’t miss it. Visit the project website and raise your pledge to make these decks a reality at last.

Good luck!