THE PLANETS: VENUS Playing Cards. The second deck closest to the sun

A few months ago David Goldklang (Vanda Cards) launched Mercury, the first deck of a new series illustrated by the Serbian Srdjan Vidakovic (Widakkdedicated to the planets of the Solar System. The second deck is already underway: THE PLANETS: VENUS.



VENUS keeps the common style of the series, with charming designs of pointy-eared characters like taken from a story. The flat colors give a retro look to the illustrations that together with the customization of pips and indexes make this a very clean deck with a perfect playability.



As in the previous one, two editions will be created with the same cards and different tuck cases: a standard edition of at least 2000 units with black stock and purple accents and a limited edition of 500 decks with blue stock and numbered seal.



The tuck case is an authentic work of art that will be created by Clove St. Press using a direct printing technology in which the embossing and the foil create authentic masterpieces. With two different foils both outside and inside, these tucks are simply stunning.



The cards will be printed by the USPCC and one of them will be part of a solar system map with others in the previous and following decks of the series.

A perfect occasion to complete your collection and, of course, being Venus the goddess of love, a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!