11 February

THE SISTERHOOD OF BLOOD vol.2 Playing Cards. The most beautiful and dangerous vampires of the 19th century are back

Mixing the beautiful and the mysterious, almost terrifying, is something that Kirk Slater (52Ravens) knows how to do with mastery. After “The Coven” and “Sisterhood of Blood“, Kirk has relaunched the second part of his most recent work: THE SISTERHOOD OF BLOOD vol.2.

Sisterhood of Blood is not just a deck, but a visual representation of a story starring a group of bloodthirsty women. Kirk not only created the first deck but also the first volume of a book (which he also successfully funded) that describes the nature of these beautiful but dangerous creatures.



Kirk uses again a simple but striking color combination, with worn reds and blacks on aged backgrounds and sprinkled with blood. In this new edition 12 new London vampires from the Victorian era have been created. The new court cards together with the new back and tuck case designs offer us a completely new and different deck.



Like in the previous deck, the cards keep the traditional touch, that preserves its playability, although they are completely customized, with beautiful aces and two jokers forming a diptych with a raven depicted in a big blood spot. The tuck case will also be “stained” with blood inside, a tuck case that perfectly fits in the theme including the card back, with an elegant design and a quite rich symbolism.



As it was done in the first volume, the deck will be printed by The Expert Playing Cards Company.

Do not hesitate and let yourself be seduced by the deadly beauty of this deck. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!


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