FCKYRBRND Playing Cards. A new brand born of passion

Joey Minor has been doing doing magic for seventeen years and after high school he got a degree in Graphic Design. Collecting cards became a hobby and also an escape route in a difficult personal moment. His activity on Instagram at this stage connected all these episodes of his life: design, magic and collecting, through the playing cards design. After creating several decks and trying to print them a couple of times without success, the loss of his father made him quit working on his project and also his activity on Instagram. After several months, he decided to make a comeback with more force than ever, and wanted to do so with the idea of ??creating his own company, his own brand. Thus, a rebellious brand was born, wanting to mock the other best-known brands and he began designing high-quality stickers. He never gave up the idea of ??creating a new deck and now he is ready and that’s how the deck, with the same name as his brand, is born: FCKYRBRND.


This deck is a reflection of Joey’s current history, full of optimism and passion, with the main objective of making his dream real, a new brand and a new deck. The design is full of very crazy animated, colorful and original characters.



With a fairly reasonable price, the artist offers a limited edition of 1000 decks numbered in the seail. In addition, he has created a special brick box and several stretch goals that include improvements in the stock, the tuck case and even free gifts for backers.



The deck will be printed by the USPCC and Bicycle branded with the crushed stock so acclaimed by cardists. In addition, all the proceeds in this campaign will be used to create other products including a new deck designed specially for cardistry and already in progress.

If you want to help Joey fulfill his dream visit the project website and raise your pledge.You will not get just a fun deck but a small piece of illusion.

Good luck!