HorROAR! Playing Cards. First exclusive images form the terrific new deck by Ace Collectable Cards

A new deck is being prepared. It is HorROAR!, the second deck by Ace Collectable Cards. Their first work, Four Seasons, was successfully funded on Kickstarter and the talent of Justin Hussain is underway for a new creation.

The inspiration this time comes from the classic horror, with a completely new and original artwork in which each suit represents a different set of characters: vampires, ghosts, witches and werewolves.




Max Playing Cards has had exclusive access to the first designs of some cards and the truth is that the deck promises to be very interesting.

There are still some details to be confirmed such as release date, printer, … but it seems clear that the project will be launched in Kickstarter and will be a fairly simple campaign that the funding will determine some of its special features (embossing, foil, …).




I hope to be able to show you something about the deck soon or even announce its release.

Meanwhile, you can visit the Ace Collectable Cards website and even purchase, if you do not have it, their first work before the last decks of the Four Seasons limited editions sold out.

Good luck!