The Four Seasons Playing Cards. The weather in the hands of four jokers. Exclusive image

A new and still unknown seal called Ace Collectable Cards launches their first creation inspired by Nature and the changes that happen in it throughout the year: The Four Seasons deck.The deck takes its inspiration in each of the seasons and the folklore and mythology behind them. Custom suits have been created replacing the traditional ones with allegorical references of Spring (diamonds), Summer (hearts), Autumn (clubs) and Winter (spades). The court cards represent mythological human figures linked to each season and everything in the deck has been customized.Justin Hussain, the guy behind the seal and the design, is a talented artist in love for cards and with real passion for this work. He wants to make everything special in this deck and he has randomly selected some card fans to be part of this magical seasons world, depicting them in illustrations using the style of the deck court cards.

Furthermore, although he had two nice jokers already designed, he wanted people to be part of the own deck and created four new jokers and a cool story behind them. Each one of these new jokers will be represented by four of his backers. The style used for the jokers is quite different to the rest of the characters. They look like futuristic heroes handling cards. Each joker represent a season and they are supposed to play poker during the whole year. In this play, they win and also lose, and everything that happens in each hand, affects to the weather in some way. The feeling and the result of the game create weather changes in the Earth. Have you ever thought about those hot days in winter or those terrible ice winds or storms in summer? Do you really think they have a physical and meteorological explanation? Forget it… It’s just the cards game of the four Seasons jokers….

If you want to see how the jokers look like, you can see  EXCLUSIVELY the two that have been already made. Perhaps you recognice someone in them as they are real persons… Perhaps you don’t, but that doesn’t necesarily means you don’t know them… By the way, the two remaining jokers will be female characters, something that symbolizes the balance and the passion in this deck.


Winter Joker

Autumn Joker


The deck will be printed by The Expert Playing Card
and there are many stretch goals in the project (already funded). With funds enough,  the tuck box can be embossed, have a custom seal and there is even a limited edition deck Justin is designing with a new dark background.

Enjoy the images and if you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!