Blue Blood Redux deck. A beautiful re-edition, more blue and more bloody


I cannot hide my love for Uusi decks. Since the very first one of their six deck series, Peter and Linnea have radiated a deep sensibility and talent on every card. Their first deck, Blue Blood, is displayed in the shelves of collectors all around the globe and many people didn’t have the opportunity of getting one. For that reason, Uusi artists have decided to give it a second chance with a new version of the deck: Blue Blood Redux.

But this is not just re-edition. This is a new deck with some new cards and with something very special: a story. And this story explains the changes in the new deck, the way a King has been dethroned or a Jack has fallen. A story full of monarchic intrigues where each suit represents different qualities such as the visionary and philosophers of the spades, the passion of the hearts,  the reason and finance of the diamonds and the deception of the clubs.

The deck has been already funded in the very first hours after the release, being a real success as the previous Uusi projects.

The deck will be printed by the USPCC in a limited edition of no more than 5,000 decks and if they repeat some patterns in their previous projects, I don’t rule out a second deck color like in Bohemia or Royal Optik.

Enjoy the images and raise your pledge in the project website.

Good luck!