Royal Optik. The new piece of art from Uusi


As I told you some weeks ago, Uusi has prepared their new piece of art: Royal Optik.

No need to say it will be a stunning deck, like Peter and Linnea’s previous creations: Blue Blood and Bohemia.

Uusi’s inspiration for this deck came from their love of wood cut prints and a curiosity they have in geometric, eye-bending Op Art imagery. Both use negative space to create volume and movement but differ greatly in how they express it. They chose the wood cut style for the faces of the court because it has such an expressive, traditional quality to it and used the more precise patterns of op art to create the shapes, postures and costumes of the court characters.

Though the deck is basically two colors – black and red – they wanted to deepen their intensity. Instead of picking a computer generated pantone-red or black, they wanted an inky blueish-green black and brownish maroon red. They achieved this by painting fields of each color first on printmaking paper and then scanning them into the computer where we then cut out the clean geometric forms that make up the court bodies and the pips. All the court’s faces, hands and weapons were first sketched by Linnea and then hand-inked by Peter in a wood cut style. It’s the unusual combination of both styles that give the deck a modern edge and a story of their own.

You can find more information and, of course, raise your pledge, in the project website.

By the way, the project has been funded in a couple hours!!!! Congratulations!

Good job! Good luck!