Received the Bohemia deck(s). Sublime! Uusi announces their upcoming release


After a few weeks knocked out (I am beginning to be too old) I have come back to life (slowly) and found waiting for me at home a few surprises that I will share with my friendly readers.

I will post in the coming days some articles about decks that I received with my own photos. The image quality is not great (I have a lot to learn about photography), but I have done with love and thanks to all the creators that brighten the lives of collectors like me with their amazing art.



And I want to start with one of the most beautiful decks of 2012. It is the last (soon penultimate) creation of my dear friends of Uusi, the Bohemia deck. Following their successful Blue Blood deck, completely sold out, Uusi launched the Bohemia, a deck I already spoke about during the campaign. Bohemia is a masterpiece become a deck of cards. Its production went through several printing issues (that Uusi knew how to solve with their huge professionalism). Nevertheless, the most positive thing of all those issues  was that several versions were created before reaching the final one. Find below a photo with all them, sealed, unsealed, linen and non linen finish for both blue and red editions.



A total of 7 different variations. The rarest is, perhaps, the sealed blue deck with just a few units available.



If you are one of those clueless who doesn’t have the Bohemia deck yet, get it before it sells out. You can buy it directly in the Uusi webstore.



Furthermore, Uusi has announced the imminent release of their next deck in May. I promise to post about it as soon as I have more news (probably at the end of April).



I want to thank Peter and Linnea (Uusi) their art and their kindness and I wish them the best luck in their future projects.