Zombie Black poker deck. More zombies? Help!


The zombie apocalypse is still present in the new designs of cards. This time it’s a deck of poker classic design and French style where the court cards have felt to the hands of the undead: The black zombie deck.



The deck, created by WarPunk Games, will be printed (if funded) by USPCC. Main features of this deck:

  • Based on an old style French card set for a classic feel
  • Eerie playing card backs
  • 12 Dark and Gothic face cards
  • 40 Blood splattered number cards
  • 2 Unique Joker cards
  • 1 Poker Ranking Card for use as a reference for those who aren’t as familiar with the hands of poker
  • A Collectors Edition Card that will be unique to the first printing of this deck. The standard edition will have 2 Poker Ranking Cards.
  • Linen finish for that nice textured look and feel
  • Collectors Edition tuck box


The creators have also designed a white version of the deck that will be released if the funding goal allows it.

Enjoy the gallery and pledge for the deck in the project website.

Good luck!