PROFESSOR TATE’S TRAVELING ROAD SHOW Playing Cards. Get caught up in a unique performance

A traveling show and some beautiful girls that will captivate you, this is the Professor Tate’s spectacle, and this is how it has been immortalized in this cool deck: PROFESSOR TATE’S TRAVELING ROAD SHOW.

Legend has it that this show appeared in any corner of the world and delighted spectators with a unique and different performance each time, only to vanish later into thin air. This is the story that is told in this beautiful deck, fruit of the collaboration between two artists, Richard Tate and David Bollt, and a new production in which Max Playing Cards has had the pleasure of working directly.



The deck covers a varied iconography grouped in each suit and represented by beautiful and energetic women, charming and sexy. You can thus find in the court cards the rockers of the clubs, the cowgirls of the diamonds, the burlesque magicians of the spades and the seductive devils of the hearts. All of them will catch you with their sassy beauty and mystery.



The aces show some of the skulls from the personal collection that Professor Tate has been picking up in his travels, while the numbered cards keep the traditional structure to ensure the playability and recognition.



As in any circus show, a witch will guess your future from the joker. She is a truly disturbing creature that will enter your mind.



The back is classic and symmetrical, with a simple color scheme but with a very striking and deep design.



Two editions of the deck, Classic and Vintage, have been created to cover the tastes of all card fans. While the classic uses completely white backgrounds that enhance the designs and make them much more recognizable in a magic effect or a card game, the vintage uses an aged background that accentuates the mystery hidden by its characters.



There will be a one time limited print run of both, fitting the needs of the demand, printed by the USPCC on their high quality Bicycle paper with Magic finish.

All the pledge tiers in the campaign, starting at a single dollar, will receive a high-quality digital book with the story and characters and some future deck designs.



Get your ticket for this unique show and don’t miss any details of this exciting campaign by visiting the project website and raising your pledge.

Good luck!