ORACOLARIUM. The augmented reality of a world of fortune-telling fantasy

Andrea Aste is an old friend of Max Playing Cards who began five years ago an incredible adventure full of creativity and fantasy with “The Book of Shadows“. It was then a pleasure to meet him and it has been fantastic to hear back from him again through a new project: ORACOLARIUM.

This is a project that emerges from a magnificent fusion of two creators, Andrea Aste, a versatile artist linked to illustration, theater, poetry and almost any expression of visual art, and Neil Kelso, a mystery artist who has been able to draw new horizons and goals through magical interpretation and communication. Both decided to join their experiences and after several years of work they have launched an exciting project to bring the art of divination to everyone.

Through its 28 cards, this deck combines different divinatory techniques and traditions that will be a real initiation experience for newbies and an interesting connection with popular sources for the most experienced.



In order to improve its use and understanding, the deck is accompanied by an original spellbook, with a triangular shape, of almost a hundred pages that allow you to get the most out of the cards.

The illustrations for the cards have been made using an interesting technique that combines real images and drawings with a surprising result.



But a deck that emerges from deeply creative minds cannot remain in the printed representation so each card adds to its natural symbology an authentic multimedia festival full of sounds, voices and animations through the technology of augmented reality. In this way, with a mobile application, it is possible to discover a parallel universe full of magic and fantasy.



If you want to enjoy this unique experience, get it in any of its multiple presentation formats, you can do it in the project website.

Good luck!