Can-eh-diana deck. From Canada with love… for cards and magic


Phil Dacosta of Dacosta Magic has been a card collector for many years. He has funded many decks on Kickstarter and finally decided to create one of his own: Can-he-diana deck.

Phil is a working magician located in Canada. He decided to create a deck that could blend both of those aspects together: Magic and Canada. Dacosta Magic decided to call on some of Canada’s most famous magicians and feature them on the court cards (see gallery below).



The art stays true to the classic court card while adding a somewhat caricature of each comedy magician. Canadians are known for their comedy and I think this deck reflects that. The artwork is exceptional in a fun Canadian way.

There are many decks inspired to pay tribute to their respective country, so why not one that pays tribute to Canada and its talent? Dacosta Magic crew as well as the magicians featured on this deck are excited to be launching this campaign on Kickstarter as it launches its availability to Canadian residents.



There are many add ons and other elements that are available as well in addition to the deck. You can find more info and raise your pledge on the project website.

You can see the full set of cards in the gallery.

Good luck!