Bicycle Civil Unrest deck. A story, a secret, a treasure…


Robert J. Tomlinson studied graphic design in Pennsylvania. He worked several years within the newspaper industry as a graphic designer and later as editor. Newspapers in small towns don’t pay very well… so he went to work at a local factory where his official job is a Quality Control Group Leader but he is unofficial the in house graphic designer. During the economic downturn in 2009 he was laid off from work for about nine months and he decided to support his family turning to his graphic design roots designing logos and selling them on ebay. He also decided to design a deck of cards because he wanted to create something that would last for awhile and be meaningful. He wanted to make something he could give his kids so they could pass it down to their kids and so on. That deck of cards is almost a reality now: Bicycle Civil Unrest.



With Civil Unrest he wanted to do something different. He didn’t just want to design a deck of cards, but he wanted to be the first at doing something. To the best of his knowledge there isn’t any cards that have cryptic codes and use a back story to explain why the codes are there. So he created a story about a runaway slave who stole silver from his Master and fled into the mountains of Pennsylvania. After the Civil War he decides to go back to look for his wife and kids… but before doing so he gives his friend a deck of playing cards with cryptic codes. He tells his friend if he doesn’t return within the year that the silver is his.



So, Civil Unrest is not only an All-American deck of cards, but also the first deck of a series of three Unrest decks inspired on American Civil War, WWWII and American Revolutionay War.

The story behind the deck will help to understand the clues that will be codified and inserted in the cards in order to provide, correctly decoded, the place where a real treasure is hidden. So, you have an excuse to travel to Pennsylvania for the treasure quest.



An original idea in a nice deck printed by USPCC under Bicycle brand. Go to the  project website to raise your pledge and get more info and help to find the treasure.

Good luck to all!