Bicycle Steampunk Goggles deck. Playing Cards to get a close-up view is an amazing website where you can buy fantastic goggles inspired on the Steampunk movement. The website is managed by Dennis Consorte, who runs a small marketing agency. The steampunk projects they do are their testing ground for new marketing techniques they try before offering them to their clients.



Dennis wanted to build “the most amazing, hand-illustrated deck of steampunk playing cards the world has ever“, so he launched the Bicycle Steampunk Goggles deck.

Each suit has a different theme: Spades – The Industrials; Diamonds – Gliterati; Hearts – Lover & Rogues; Clubs – The Aviators. The project tries to have in mind the suggestions of the backers to improve the deck.

Furthermore, each character in the deck has a unique pair of goggles that can be also purchased.

There will be two decks with different backs printed by the USPCC under Bicycle brand.



You can find hi-resolution images in the gallery so you can enjoy the cool artwork in the deck. To get more info and raise your pledge, please, visit the project website.

Good luck!