TITANS Robber Barons Playing Cards. The most despicable way to achieve the success

The concept of “Robbers Barons” was coined by The New York Times to talk about unethical business practices in the mid-nineteenth century and has historically served to refer to these wealthy businessmen who have made fortune through marketing strategies surrounded by villainy, corruption and deceit. With this inspiration, a history lover, a designer and a friend of Max cards Playing Cards, Jody Eklund (Black Ink Playing Cards), has created his latest series: TITANS Robber Baron Edition Playing Cards.




These highborn scoundrels have been represented in kings and jacks, while queens depict a group of women who dedicated their lives to free others from an oppressive system. A beautiful contrast metaphor between good and evil seen from a very special perspective.



Decks, as always, are fabulous. Beautiful and elaborate designs decorate impressive embossed and foiled tuck cases and intricate backs. Portrait style already used in previous decks, with superb details, embellish the court cards and a mixture of cleanness and elegance in suits and indexes adds a fantastic playability to the numbered cards.




Three different editions with be created with three different backs and the same faces. Two standard editions, Black and White and a Limited Signature Edition, exclusively for the backers of this project.




In addition, like in previous campaigns, there will be a collector’s case with one of each of the decks, that will be numbered, a signature card and a commemorative coin.




Legends will print everything. As a novelty, Jody has changed its logistics system and a new company will make the fulfillment directly from China. That means that everything will arrive sooner to backers and the cost will be lower so that the pledge levels include worldwide shipping. Great news for backers outside the US.

I think you’re already convinced so visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!